CLIM 751   Predictability and Prediction of Weather and Climate -- Concepts and Phenomenology

Dr. J. Shukla (jshukla at gmu dot edu), 105 Research Hall
Dr. Jim Kinter (ikinter at gmu dot edu), 284 Research Hall

Complete Syllabus (Fall 2019)

Wed, 10:30 am - 1:10 pm,  Blue Ridge Hall 127 ... will be changed to 121 Research Hall

Course Description:
The course covers predictability and seamless prediction of weather and climate for timescales ranging from days to decades. Studies limitations to predictability due to chaos, and possible sources of predictability due to slowly varying surface boundary conditions produced by interactions among atmospheres, ocean and land system. Discusses predictability of droughts and floods, monsoons, ENSO, decadal variations and climate change.

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